The difference between a Laptop and ultra book.

Ultrabook is actually the combination of both laptop and tablet. In the few past years this hybrid device has popped up everywhere and everyone is familiar with it now. Users often want to shop for a laptop or an ultrabook but they get confused and don’t know where to put money on. For this purpose this article will help you out to make a correct decision.

The Ultrabook:

  • You will notice that the Ultrabooks are usually smaller than the laptops. Usually you guess it with the display.
  • Weight also matters and you will observe that the weight of the ultrabooks is usually less as compared to the majority of laptops.
  • Battery life is very important spec of all the devices and it is believed that ultabooks have long battery life than the laptops. But still there are always some exceptions to the general rules which one must not forget.
  • Inside the notebook you will find the Intel’s Sandy Bridge Processor which is an excellent processor.
  • Laptops have Optical drives but the Ultrabooks don’t have such drives. The reason is that Optical drives make the devices heavier. And as we have discussed earlier, ultrabooks usually have light weight and mostly these are thin.
  • Ultrabooks are difficult to use outside on a sunny day as these have shiny screens which reflect the sun. In laptops matte screen is used instead of shiny screens.

The Laptop:

Laptops are available in different sizes and weights and their thinness also varies.

  • The laptops screens vary in size and it ranges 13”-20”. some in touch screens too
  • Laptops screens are shiny as well as mattes depending upon the model but usually laptops have matte screens.
  • The weight of laptops also varies; light as well as heavy laptops are also available. The weight starts from 3 pounds and you can even find a laptop with 18 pounds weight.
  • If you want to shop for laptop that you can bring with you everywhere then keep the weight and size of the laptop in mind before buying it.
  • Battery life of laptops is usually low as compared to the ultrabooks but now a day laptops are also being manufactured with ever strong batteries.
  • Optical drive is one of the important features of laptop. Those people who want to use the optical drive should go for purchasing the laptop instead of ultrabook.

Now the question here is that should you buy a laptop or an Ultrabook? Both the Ultrabooks and Laptops have advantages and disadvantages but it depends upon your requirement that which type of device you need. If you want to get a device for sending emails, web browsing or for performing some database tasks then Ultrabook will be good option. But instead, if you need a device with large screen, Optical drive and gaming then go for laptops. No doubt battery timing, size, price and weight differ but you can buy according to your budget and need.