A History of computers

Until 1950s computers were used as very high and efficient calculating machines. But later on i.e. after a decade people started using these computers for business purposes. These are the most reliable and efficient machines which became the necessity of the time. Now business persons use this machine to improve the productivity of the business.touch screen laptop

Improved Efficiency and Automation:

Computers can perform many tasks at a time which was not possible in earlier periods of time. And when we talk about repetitive tasks’ computers can perform these very well without the mistakes and in a lesser time. In earlier days when all the work was being done manually, there were many chances of mistakes by humans but the invention of computers reduced this. So the industrial focus was turned to the automation. Later on this device started using as an entertainment device and productivity tool.

Database Technology:

Databases can be maintained on the modern computers with reliability. The database which is present on the computers can help the managers in many ways as they run the payroll with just few clicks. It is also useful for accountants as they can very easily calculate tax payments with the help of stored database in the computer. Beside this accountants can also prepare financial statements with the fraction of time and with complete accuracy.

Printing and Publication Technology:

For business persons and other users printing and publication has become very easy due to this great invention of computer. In earlier days typewriter was used for a single purpose but soon it was replaced by computer and printer. The computers with word processing software along with printers have changed the way of doing business. Computers have also significantly changed the way publishers do business in this modern world.

Communication Technology:

Soon after the invention of computer’ internet facility came which changed the living pattern of the people. The invention of computer led to many other communication devices beside internet such as mobile phones’ smartphones and tablets. All such devices made the communication very fast all around the globe. Due to these fast means of communication the world has become globalized and you can communicate with any person sitting in the other corner of the world. This fast communication channel have brought many benefits to the business persons and customers as well.  Customers can avail online services 24 hours and can place the purchase order with a lot of ease.

Increase in overall productivity:

The overall productivity has increased with the help of computers. In USA significant change in the productivity has measured in different industries due to computers. Not only in USA but all over the world business productivity has increased and its all possible due to great invention of computers. The reason is that it has saved time which was not possible in earlier times. Now the workers can concentrate on other important tasks then to maintain all the record manually.

The overall impact of computers in our lives is very significant and especially it has changed the business world in many ways.

Some might say the productivity increase between laptops and ultra books could also be debated.

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