What’s The Difference?

People now prefer to buy laptop computers which have touch screens. Several reasons are behind it which makes the touch screen laptop more demanding than the conventional laptop screens. Few years ago there were not any concepts like this but now the technology has changed the thinking style and living pattern of people. People now use the tablets and smart phones with touch screen. Not only this, but they are now tilting towards using the touch screen laptops and PCs as well. Following points about touch vs. non touch laptop screens will elaborate that which one is best for you according to this modern world requirement.

Many computer repairs technicians in Ipswich have found that touch screen laptops are much harder to repair than conventional laptops. This is because the touch screen digitizer is hard to find parts availability for according to a computer repairs Ipswich technician.

Computer Fixperts in Ipswich said that computer manufacturers are charging anywhere between $300-$600 for a touch screen digitizer. With a price that high, computer repairs technicians in Ipswich are having to resort to strictly recommending non-touch screen laptops for their customers.

Touch Screen laptops are not too expensive now:

Computers truly have changed the workplace. As the demand for touch screen laptops is increasing, the people are moving from conventional to the touch screen laptops. The reason behind is that these laptops are now less costly to purchase. People pay a lot of money for buying smart phones and tablets for better results. It costs more, about $ 50 for buying touch screen laptops. Fewer prices are the major factor due to which people are now more tilted to buy a touch screen laptop. Remember, laptops and ultrabooks are different!

Touch Screen Laptops are quicker:

Using a touch screen laptop is very useful in many ways. As touch screen laptops are very fast and effective. Touch screen laptops are supported by Microsoft Windows 8. Using touch screen laptop is a more fun. It is quicker than the non touch screen laptops and you do not face any difficulty in operating these laptops. These laptops also support multi touch gestures which increases its speed.

Supports Handwriting:

Non touch screen laptops do not support any handwriting but with the help of touch screen laptops and PCs it is possible now to write with the help of stylus. A stylus is actually a touch pen which is used for this purpose i.e. to write on the screen. If you are going to purchase a non touch screen laptop then definitely you will not be able to avail this facility.

Continuous usage is difficult:

While using touch screen laptop you can’t rest your arm. Thus it becomes very difficult to hold the arm for many hours and ultimately your hand fall off while using such laptops.

Smears on Your screen:

If you are using a touch screen laptop then you will see smears on your laptop screen. Some people just don’t like such smears and to avoid this thing they go for usual non touch screen laptops.

Battery Life:

This is the most important factor which users often consider. Touch screen PCs do not have any such battery life issue but the laptops do have. Obviously touch screen laptops usually consume more energy and power than the non touch screen laptops. Due to this battery life of the touch screen laptops is low as compared to conventional laptops. Before going to buy a touch screen laptop make sure that you are purchasing the one with the long battery life.